Friday, May 30, 2008

Curious as to why I love Korean music and dramas?

To tell you the truth, initially, I've always wondered why I got so captivated by the thirst of wanting more about the korean culture, in particular to the korean entertainment. At first it was because of the eye-candy actors and singers LOL. Although as I grew more fond of their entertainment business, I've realized that I loved them dearly for their cute, pure, simple, yet profound storylines in their dramas. The talented acting and singing that speaks volumes of raw emotion and sharing experiences as if I am intimately in touch with them even when they are so far away. It's as if they put all their hearts and skills up front, confident enough to let the audience know their strenghts and weaknesses without caring what we think of them. And although, I'm a Chinese Peruvian (a.k.a tusán 土生), somehow I am able to relate to the korean dramas and music. That in itself proves, how multilingual music and different cultures can touch an individual's soul internationally.

If you want to know something about how cross-cultural music affects an individual's choice/behaviour. I've found an interesting study about why "it is common for people to seek music from different cultures or music in non-native languages.",+different+language,+survey,+memory&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=ca It's preetty long but if you read the quotes taken, it's hilarious to see how many people who love the korean entertainment business but are not native korean-speakers, will go to the extent of trying to find information about the song and artist.

There's a quote that describes how a person, who's not native to Korean language, tries to find the music or song that he/she wants but can only describe it as:

“First of all, it’s very long. Just the first movement
seems to go over 10 minutes. The mood is dark and sad
overall. The main melody is played by violin and the
piano briefly appears. I only know that the composer’s
name is four characters when it is spelled out in Ko-
rean. Does anybody know the title of this work?"

There's another one that had me laughing like a hyena:

"This pop song has been around for a while. I really
want to know what it is! It was used in a TV commercial
where Cha In-Pyo (Korean actor) was running some-
where, and it was also in the OST for Powerpuff girls. It
goes like 파이틀 오버~ 먼먼머 파이틀 오버~
먼먼먼먼먼먼먼 파이야이야이야이야 와우!"

I loved Powerpuff Girls when I was like in Elementary School but POWERPUFF GIRLS????????

Guess I'm not the only weirdo out there. ^_^

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