Saturday, August 30, 2008

Worst Pick up Lines

Well this doesn't have to do anything with k-dramas or any dramas at all but ever found yourself being attracted to getting weird attention?

Exhibit #1: While waiting at a bus stop, a guy stops and asks you to marry him. It just happens to know that the church is right across the street!

Exhibit #2: Similarly at another bus stop, a guy compliments on how cute you are...until he says you're as adorable as a teddy bear. O_O

Exhibit #3: Yep it's at a bus stop again! A different guy follows you around like a hummingbird with his bike trolling along and asking for your phone number when you realize that the guy is homeless.

I'm getting the impression that bus stops are places a single girl shouldn't be around. -_-

Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy busy busy

Sigh...with so much school and work that has happened, I've been neglecting up my blogging.

Luckily though, now that my last exam is over, I'll try to keep up with new posts. So enjoy them, sit back and relax.

I've also just returned from the Anime Evolution convention but since I've got to work soon I'll post up the pics and vids later on.
LOL because I haven't had a chance to look at them yet!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Powell Street Festival(Celebrating Japanese Culture)

Last week, during the weekend, me and my friend decided to check out the Powell Street Festival in commemoration for the Japanese culture. I'm not Japanese but my friend partly is. We had fun tasting the Japanese food and drink the stalls provided.

And although, we came just about an hour before they closed and missed out some great performances. At least I got to record these ones.

Well it does not really represent Japanese culture but hey it was fun watching the "AWESOME" squirrel. LOL

And another brillant performance by none other than...

the giraffe man, a.k.a "Twilight Zone", well at least to us.

The performances were interesting, hmm...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pride (Hockey + Romance) ^_^

It'll be unusual for a Vancouverite not to be part of the hockey culture. Even though, this has nothing to do with anything about the Canucks, at least I can supply my interest through a
j-dorama about hockey plus romance! Ha...ha...ha And what more can I ask for when it stars with two of the best leading actors!

Enter Takuya who portrays Halu, the over-confident yet suspiciously, fragile hockey player. Yuko whom I loved in "STYLE" plays the innocent and traditional mild-mannered office lady who is still waiting from her boyfriend for the past two years.
At first, both start to be cautious not to fall in love with each other and thus treat their relationship like a game. But what happens when they see that their opposite characteristics can bring out the closeness they have initially avoided? Will Yuko help out Halu believe in true love and will Halu help out Yuko forget her neglected boyfriend?

Thursday, July 31, 2008


This recipe brings so many nice childhood memories especially from Christmas in Peru. ^_^
It's just too good to not post it up. Now I'll see when I get the chance to bake some :)

Credit to

Monday, July 28, 2008

Please Come Back Soon-Ae

I apologize to any readers who might have anticipated anything on any new posts. Because I've been preetty busy with school, work, and some personal problems, I have been inactive on my blog.

Anyways enough about me (ha! bet you guys are already zoning out).

In between my busy and lazy summer days, while I was searching for any fun comedic k-dramas, someone said that "Please Come Back Soon Ae" is hilariously funny.

Warning a few spoilers ahead:

It's preetyy much a korean version of Freaky Friday, lol, except without all the annoying teenage angst.

I've watched the first episode, and I already disliked (detested at first?) the second main in lead character because of the way she steals the main character's husband without any shame. But!It's when the characters' souls switch between their bodies, that it gets interesting because that is when I can somehow foresee that the both female leads will be able to understand each other's situations and why their characters have become the way they were initially.

I'm tooo lazy to re-write in my own words the plot, so I'm borrowing wikipedia's write-up of episode 1.

"Heo Soon-Ae is a 40-year-old homemaker, devoted to her pilot husband Yoon Il-Seok, their son, and Il-Seok's mother who lives with them. But one-day, Soon-Ae finds out her husband has been cheating on her with a 28-year-old flight attendant Han Cho-Eun. The news shocks Soon-Ae and she cannot believe it, but the mistress, Cho-Eun, wants to convince Soon-Ae, because she wants Soon-Ae to divorce Il-Seok so he can finally be with her. So the two get in the car together and drive towards the airport where Il-Seok is due to arrive from his flight; the plan is to show up before Il-Seok together and ask him on the spot who he wants to be with. But their plan turns supernatural when the two get into an accident that has them switched; so Soon-Ae is now trapped in Cho-Eun's body, and vice versa. Since they can't seem to switch back, the two must learn to live in each other's body, as each other, and things get really complicated when the real Cho-Eun's ex-boyfriend, Hyeon-Woo, tries to win Cho-Eun back. "

Basically, Han Cho-Eun is the 28yr old version of Lindsay Lohan. She's preety but a bit self-centered. Soon-Ae, on the other hand, is the kind but hot tempered mom. I'm up to episode 3, and so far I like the character dynamics between the 3 female characters, Soon Ae, Cho-Eun, and the ditzy but loveable friend( or foe?) of Soon Ae.

So anyone loved this series? Got any opinions?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Virginity and its Stigma

Through youthography, I found various interesting articles and this one caught my eye.
Virginity By: Rebecca Mercer

Virginity: the ultimate expression of innocence and purity, the state of having “never been touched”. It’s always been a romantic ideal – every man wants to marry a virgin and every girl wants to be the beautiful blushing bride. Of course, these days it’s not much more than a romantic notion, a nearly-unattainable ideal that very rarely exists in our society anymore. Sure, there are lots of virgins out there - it’s just that most of them tend to be under the age of twelve. For teenagers these days, the idea of being a virgin carries with it a certain stigma. For a lot of young people, being a virgin is not something to be proud of. Sex is everywhere, and young people are engaging in sexual activity and giving up their virginity at a younger age. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise, not with popular movies like the American Pie trilogy glorifying sex and hits like this summer’s The 40-Year-Old Virgin chronicling the quest to lose one’s virginity. So now we have to ask ourselves, what does virginity mean in today’s society? Why are young people so anxious to lose it? What are the consequences of having sex at a younger age? And what do today’s youth think of virginity and sex?
So, what does virginity mean in today’s society? It’s a big question; however, the collective opinion tends to be that virginity does not mean much. For many young people, sex doesn’t mean anything beyond physical pleasure anymore. Which brings us to our second question: why are young people so anxious to lose their virginity? A big reason young people are having more sex and losing their virginity sooner is simple – it feels good. The media definitely makes it look good, and anyone who’s had good sex will confirm that fact. So, with peer pressure mounting and the whole world telling you that it feels so good, why are you going to wait? Young people don’t necessarily think about the emotional side of sex, because for them, there is no emotional side. They don’t think that they might wake up the next morning and regret it. They don’t think that maybe the other person doesn’t care about them. They don’t think that it might be awkward and uncomfortable (the sex and the morning after). They just think about the pleasure and the fact that they’ll be part of the “in-crowd”. It’s not really a good reason for having sex, but regardless, they want sex and they don’t want to be virgins.
Needless to say, there are consequences that may come along with having sex at a young age. What are these consequences? Well, perhaps it would be better to ask what the advantages of waiting to have sex are. And contrary to popular belief among young, hormonally-charged people, there are advantages. What are they, you ask? For one, you won’t have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy, something that most young people wouldn’t be able to handle. You also won’t have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases – you can’t contract something unpleasant like Chlamydia or Syphilis, or something incurable like Herpes or HIV/AIDS from your partner if you’re not having sex with them. Then there are the emotional benefits – if you wait until you’re ready to accept all of the responsibility of having sex and you’re in a committed relationship, you won’t have any regrets about your actions. We all know someone who regrets a past sexual relationship because they were too young, or they weren’t really in love or any number of other reasons; but if you wait, then you get to avoid all those regrets.
So, what are young people’s thoughts regarding virginity and sex? There are general misconceptions that tend to revolve around physical unattractiveness and religious zeal, both of which are looked down upon in today’s secular and image-conscious society. Most people assume that people who aren’t classically attractive – tall, thin, well-proportioned, model material – are virgins because they aren’t attractive enough to find a sexual partner. And when an attractive person is a virgin, it’s assumed that it’s because of their religious beliefs. And while there can be some truth to these misconceptions – people viewed as attractive will probably receive more sexual attention than those who don’t fit that mold, and those with strong religious convictions tend to remain virgins by choice because of their beliefs – they are not universally true. A person can be plain and have multiple sexual partners, and a model can be a virgin. A strict Catholic might be a virgin, but a spiritual agnostic can be a virgin too. It’s just that young people tend to assume that if you’re not having sex, there has to be a reason for it – either you can’t get it or you don’t want it. They don’t think that maybe, just maybe, some people want to wait and give their virginity to someone they love and share a bond with. That’s where the pressure comes in – if you want to fit in, have sex. Many young people tend to look down on virgins. Virginity is also often viewed as a curse.
However, not all young people share this view. Many young people out there have great respect for virgins, even if they don’t vocalize it. Being a virgin is not something to be ashamed of. Many young people think that it’s perfectly fine to wait until you’re ready for sex and you’ve found someone that you really care about and who cares about you to share it with. That tends to be a less-than-popular opinion to express out loud, but it does exist, among more people than you might think. Do you think waiting for the right person to share your first time with is a good idea? Take comfort in the fact that even though a lot of people won’t say it out loud, they share your feelings and support you.
Virginity isn’t something to be taken lightly – sex is a huge responsibility that can have some very dire consequences if it isn’t approached with maturity and caution. This is not to say that sex is bad or that wanting to have sex is bad; rather, it is to point out that there are things that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to sex. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the matter and nobody should be looked down on for their decisions, whether they become sexually active at a young age or they decide to wait. It’s a very personal decision that nobody can make for you. Be informed, know what you want and don’t let anyone else make you feel inferior for it. Virginity is something you only get once, so use it wisely.

They were written since last year's but still applies to today's cultural phenomenom. IMHO, everywhere I see, I feel that sex has lost its significance and value as something that is "peer pressured" by the *popular crowd*. What do you think?

A Korean Amerasian Adoption Story- A Tale of Utmost Perseverance (credit to The Marmot's Hole)

While I was browsing through Dramabeans blogs, I've encountered the most heartwarming story through The Marmot's Hole Blog and thought I should share it with you guys:


I've discovered this band quite a while ago during my last year's first time at the Anime Convention. Frankly, my first impression of them through youtube did not correspond quite similarly to when I met them...

Teeda-Kun Icchan and his pal (I think, ha...ha)

I wasn't a fan of japanese rock and rap music back then before I met them (my initial impression was that it was all hardcore and emo) so you could say that they've won me over because their music speaks volumes. And oh yeah, the concert was awesome!
You can tell how hardworking and talented these guys are when you hear their songs and watch their videos. In that each song is uniquely attuned to a thoughtful message and each song has it own special melody that harmonizes the raw emotion they put in.

For instance, some of my favourite songs from their previous album include:

New World, Chain, and Flowers

The fact that I was lucky to take pictures of them (since security was tight) also made a wish of a fangirl like me come true. They were really nice too. Ha...ha But anyways, back to my fangirlishness.

Recently, I've just checked news on them about their new upcoming album. It's a bit different compared to their previous album that mainly focused on rock edgier sounds. Somehow I can't help but feel that it reminds me of the Shoujo manga: Sand Chronicles/Sandglass?

The MV, seems a little bit on the melancholier side like the tearjerkers that were so popular in Korean dramas. It's debuted in the new upcoming Keitai Sosakan 7 So far, I've only got the romanji lyrics from milktealover (Courtesy of Back-on Online):

My Japanese is not up to the level of being fluent since I've only picked out a few words from doramas,, and with help of Lingvosoft LOL. The bolded parts are my attempt of understanding the lyrics. So don't expect a lot. You have been warned.

Romaji Lyric
Romaji Sands of Time

aitaiyotte(Love or affectionionate?) ima(now) sugu (soon) ni (to become?)demo (But)
tsunaide datte (but more) wo hanashi (talk more) tanda (one base hit) I KNOW wakatteru

mukuchi ( reluctant/reserved) na (naught) HOME de (in (more))

I’M MR.LOVER nante (how/what) tsuyogaru (bluff) CAN YOU FEEL ME

imada (Yet) ni (in) YOU’RE MY kokoro (mind/heart) iyasu (heal) DIVA

BUT I CAN’T SAY THIS WORD aitai na (I Love you?)


aitaiyotte ima sugu ni demo sakebitai no ni (to)

mou (mourning?) YOU AND I ienai

iji (memories?) wo hattemo tsukamenai ano (the) goro (sound) wa ude (ability) no naka ni ita (board more) no ni (to become)

kimi wa mou inai (less than?/within?)


sou (accompany) to nari (money) ni I WANNA SAY IT

YOU AND I otagai ienai aenai (You and I are through?)

ano toki kara sunao ni narenai mahou ga tokenai (that time because you were meek

I WANNA USE THE SANDS OF TIME kimi no soba ni itai

aishiterutte sakende mita kedo kimi (My) no moto ni wa todokanai yo

nakanai de kureyo tsuraku naru kara

mune no oku ni omoi wo toji kometa

kimi wa (MY) mou inai

HEY MY GIRL dareka no mono ni naru nara

isso kiete hoshii to negau kokoro no naka

imada omoide FLASHBACK

ano toki ano basho de deawa na kereba

aishiterutte sakende mita kedo

kimi no moto ni wa todoka nai yo

nakanai de kureyo tsuraku naru kara

mune no oku ni omoi wo toji kometa

aitaiyotte ima sugu ni demo sakebitai no ni

mou YOU AND I ienai

iji wo hattemo tsukamenai

ano goro wa ude no naka ni

Yeah I've been desperately trying to find the english translations to no luck. Care for anyone to try out the rest?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Proposal Daisakusen

It's been a while since I have watched any doramas. This one is last year's, but it's just so breathtakingly beautiful not to add it to my most favourite dramas...

Although, the drama consists of the overtold story of five good friends, who embark on a lifetime journey of not only going through the discovery of finding the value of friendship but also through the discovery of finding the treasure in love, I've found that compared to other romantic dramas, the producer took a thoughtful shot for each scene to deliver his heartfelt sentiments.

The above pic doesn't do it justice since I'm still learning how to make pictures bigger but here's from the original source:

The PD makes a lot consideration and care to deliver his message that although love is very fragile, delicate, and tender; it is also something that cannot be taken for granted; because love is something you want to protect dearly.

A favourite quote of mine from the bible: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres." - 1 Cor. 13:4-7

And oh yeah, we can't forget the hilariously corny: "Halleluiah Chance!" See the similarities to "kurosagi with maki-chan" from Nobuta wo Produce? Ha...ha u crack me up Yamashita Tomohisa! *Kun Kun*

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My take on Absolute Boyfriend j-dorama (a.k.a Zettai Kareshi)

Warning: Some spoilers! Not suitable for younger children. You have been warned!

(IMHO) I did not like the first episode when I initially watched it. (I mean no offense to those who love it, I like it too but just not as much as the main characters in the manga). It could be because the character who plays Night is ssoooooo stiff compared to the Manga version or it could be Riko who (IMHO) is just too annoying when she makes those weird face expressions to supposedly make us laugh. BUT, I was patient enough, (although slowly) that I became attached to this great series ( I think since episode 5, things became much more interesting). So, I'm glad I've caught up with episode 10 because *WOW* is it great!

What I liked about the dorama , is that its central theme is not only centred on the main characters' love triangle but more importantly, the ethics of being in love with a robot. I also loved it when the dorama developed the other characters like Miaka. Yeah, she's the bad girl in the Manga but I hated it that the Manga just left her off as a one sided character who was pure evil. It's just too stereotypical. So towards episode 10, it was a nice relief to see that Miaka and Riko's relationship has become genuine and much more matured. NOT the relationship where they become enemies for life or is just left unresolved! (It could be just me but I don't remember there being an episode in the manga where Miaka reappeared to reconcile with Riko. So the dorama PD's made a great decision!)

Some people complain that the dorama makes it too different because the characters are not in their high school years (like the manga) but are rather in their mid 20's(?) But I like it because (duh) where are you going to find high shool characters going into so much drama. It's much more realistic that they're in their mid 20's(?) and able to handle this kind of decisions much more maturely.
(You can watch the whole subbed episode in^_^

Friday, May 30, 2008

Curious as to why I love Korean music and dramas?

To tell you the truth, initially, I've always wondered why I got so captivated by the thirst of wanting more about the korean culture, in particular to the korean entertainment. At first it was because of the eye-candy actors and singers LOL. Although as I grew more fond of their entertainment business, I've realized that I loved them dearly for their cute, pure, simple, yet profound storylines in their dramas. The talented acting and singing that speaks volumes of raw emotion and sharing experiences as if I am intimately in touch with them even when they are so far away. It's as if they put all their hearts and skills up front, confident enough to let the audience know their strenghts and weaknesses without caring what we think of them. And although, I'm a Chinese Peruvian (a.k.a tusán 土生), somehow I am able to relate to the korean dramas and music. That in itself proves, how multilingual music and different cultures can touch an individual's soul internationally.

If you want to know something about how cross-cultural music affects an individual's choice/behaviour. I've found an interesting study about why "it is common for people to seek music from different cultures or music in non-native languages.",+different+language,+survey,+memory&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=ca It's preetty long but if you read the quotes taken, it's hilarious to see how many people who love the korean entertainment business but are not native korean-speakers, will go to the extent of trying to find information about the song and artist.

There's a quote that describes how a person, who's not native to Korean language, tries to find the music or song that he/she wants but can only describe it as:

“First of all, it’s very long. Just the first movement
seems to go over 10 minutes. The mood is dark and sad
overall. The main melody is played by violin and the
piano briefly appears. I only know that the composer’s
name is four characters when it is spelled out in Ko-
rean. Does anybody know the title of this work?"

There's another one that had me laughing like a hyena:

"This pop song has been around for a while. I really
want to know what it is! It was used in a TV commercial
where Cha In-Pyo (Korean actor) was running some-
where, and it was also in the OST for Powerpuff girls. It
goes like 파이틀 오버~ 먼먼머 파이틀 오버~
먼먼먼먼먼먼먼 파이야이야이야이야 와우!"

I loved Powerpuff Girls when I was like in Elementary School but POWERPUFF GIRLS????????

Guess I'm not the only weirdo out there. ^_^

Friday, May 23, 2008

Music lyrics (Taeyang-Hong Gil Dong's OST, Navi-I Love You (RAP version))

Because I love these songs so much and thought someone else would love them as well for sing-alongs, I'm posting them up (I'll keep adding more but for now I've got these ones)

Navi(Rap Version with Tablo) (Credit to soompi forums)
(For those of u who have a friend u love so dearly)

Tablo (Rap):
Yeah, girl
You and I,
We‘re just friends
I love you

I love U love U I love U love U
I’m just friend
I love U love U I love U love U
I’m just friend
U know U know I love U
What I say I’m just friend

angyeoleul buhtgo chimareul eebuhsuh
eonjenga uhoolril geot gatdan maleh
suhtuljiman hwajangdo haebwatneun geol
ootjiman malahjwuh noogoo ddaemeh eeruhneun geondeh

gobakehalguhya nae mameul gamchul sooga eobsuh

neowaneun chingooeegin shiluh
ni poomaneh angyuh maeil malhallae nuhreul saranghandago
chamawatdeon mankeum nae gaseum gadeuk
neomaneul saranghae tuhjil geotman gatah

I love U love U I love U love U
U know U know I love U yeah

namjadeul ggiri tonghaneun nongdamdeul
naegedo ahmooruhji ahnge haji malajwuh
yuhjanikka naega jal al guhrago
gaggeumsshik bootakhan yeonaesangdam geuman jigyuhwuh

dagagal guhyah eejeh ni sarangee dwil guhyah

neowaneun chingooeegin shiluh
nee pumaneh angyuh maeil malhallae nuhreul saranghandago
chamawatdeon mankeum nae gaseum gadeuk
neomaneul saranghae tuhjil geotman gatah

cheomen eeksookhago pyeonhaesuh
nuhn chingoorago jeonghaessuh
geunde uhneusae nado moreuge nuhn juhmjuhm byeonhaessuh
sashil nado nuhreul wonhaetjiman nan dooryeowuhhaessuh
malhamyun boolpyeonhaesuh muhluhjilkka bwa geokjeonghaessuh
nae mameul moreugetji nuhn ajik moreugetji
guheul apesuh nal saenggakgamyuh oseul goreugetji
geokjeong ma nuhn eemee naeui one of a kind
naega banjjokee dwijoogien eemee wanbyeokhan
my sunshine

I believe nal anajool guhyah
gidaryeowatdago nuhdo geu dongan

nareul johahaetdago
chamawatdeon mankeum nae gaseum gadeuk
nuhmaneul saranghae tuhjil geotman gatah

I love U love U I love U love U
U know U know I love U yeah
I love U love U I love U love U
U know U know I love U

English Translation to Navi


Yeah. Girl, you and I, we just friends. I. love. you.


I love you love you (I’m just a friend)

I love you love you (I’m just a friend)

You know~ you know I love you~ (But I say I’m just a friend)

I took off my glasses and put on a skirt

Anytime, tell me if it’s becoming on me

Although it’s embarrassing I tried on makeup

Although you laugh, please don't, just tell me who am I being like this for anyway?

I’m going to tell (confess to) you~

I can’t hide my (heart) feelings anymore~

With you, I don’t want to stay friends~

In your embrace, I want to tell you, everyday

That I love you~

For as long as I’ve kept it inside

My heart is brimming full with these feelings~ I love you~

It feels like it’s going to pop~

I love you love you

I love you love you

You know, you know, I love you

The way guys joke when they talk to each other

Don’t treat me like nothing happened~

Don’t tell me that because I’m a girl, I’ll do fine

From time to time, I’m sick of your

Requests to set you up with blind dates

I’m going to confront all of this

From now on, this love’s gonna work out~

I don’t want to stay friends with you~

In your embrace, I want to tell you, everyday

That I love you~

For as long as I’ve kept it inside

My heart is brimming full with these feelings~ I love you~

It feels like it’s going to pop~


At first it was familiar and convenient to acknowledge you as a friend~

But as time passed things changed

Before I knew it You were changing to me bit by bit

Honestly I started to want you too

I was kinda scared

Since it'd be awkward for me to tell you

Since i was afraid we'd grow apart

You still don't get my feelings do you? You probably don't know

When you sitting in front of the mirror, you're probably laughing, thinking about me

Don’t worry, You’re One of a Kind to me

Since I've become you're other half~

You’re already my amazing Sunshine~


I believe, You’re going to hug me

That you waited as well

That you also during that time

Liked me too

For as long as I’ve kept it inside

My heart's full with these feelings~ I love you

And it feels like it’s about to pop~

I love you love you love you

I love you love you love you

You know you know I love you (x 2)

(Credits to

What if - Girls Generation (Tae Yeon) (Credit to Jazzholic)

(A Bittersweet Tale)

manyageh naega gandamyeon
naega dagagandamyeon
neon eoddeogeh saenggakhalgga
Yeonginaelsu eobtgo

manyageh niga gandamyeon
niga ddeonagandamyeon
neol eoddeogeh bonaeyahalji
jaggoo geobi naneun geol

naega babo gataseo
barabolsu bakkeman eobtneungeon amado
wemyeon haljidomoreul ni maeumgwa
ddo keuraeseo deo mareojil saiga dwelggabwa

jeongmal babo gataseo
saranghanda haji mothaneungeon amado
mannam dwiyeh gidarineun apeumeh
seulpeun nanaldeuri dooryeowoseo ingabwa

manyageh niga ondamyeon
niga dagaondamyeon
nan eoddeogeh haeyamanhalji
jeongmal alsu eobtneungeol

naega babo gataseo
barabolsu bakkeman eobtneungeon amado
wemyeon haljidomoreul ni maeumgwa
ddo keuraeseo

deo mareojil saiga dwelggabwa

jeongmal babo gataseo
saranghanda haji mothaneungeon amado
mannam dwiyeh gidarineun apeumeh
seulpeun nanaldeuri dooryeowoseo ingabwa

naega babo gataseo
saranghanda haji mothaneungeon amado
mannam dwiyeh gidarineun apeumeh
seulpeun nanaldeuri
dooryeowoseo ingabwa

English Translation to Tae Yeon - What If

If I should go, should I go close to you

How would you think about it. so I am fallen-heartened.

If you should leave, should you leave me

How could I let you leave. continuously I am scared.

the reason that I, being fool, am only but watching you from a distance

is because maybe I am worried about your heart probably to turn my feeling away

and so becoming more alienated between us

the reason that I, being really fool, cannot say ‘I love you’

is because maybe I am afraid of the pain and the saddening days expected

after falling in with.

If you should come. should you come to me

How I should do, really I have no idea.

the reason that I, being fool, am only but watching you from a distance

is because maybe I am worried about your heart probably to turn my feeling away

and so becoming more alienated between us

the reason that I, being really fool, cannot say ‘I love you’

is because maybe I am afraid of the pain and the saddening days expected

after falling in with.

the reason that I, being fool, cannot say ‘I love you’

is because maybe I am afraid of the pain and the saddening days expected

after falling in with.

(translated by asterionlhs @

Aww...I just loved the Absolute Boyfriend theme song sooo much (clutches her heart). Especially since it goes so nicely with last episode 5. Did you guys watch it yet? It's getting waaay more interesting (dare I say much better than the manga?).

OKAERI (Welcome Back) (From Absolute Boyfriend (A.K.A Zettai Kareshi / 絶対彼氏)

(Credit to Jazzholic and SARS fansubs)

English Lyrics:

Welcome back, sweetheart to our home, yeah…Thanks for your love
Acting like nothing’s wrong again

Covering up all the melancholy tones

Putting on a smile

When you cast away that empty shell,

I feel like I’m gonna overflow

I just wanna hold you tight

Keeping these feelings inside, I move on

Welcome back to where love returns, yeah…

Thanks for your love
The scars from looking for and losing my heart

Became the strength to face myself,

All because I had a home to come back to
Welcome home sweetheart,

Please wait for me,

’cause I’m nearly there


Okaeri - Ayakajdrama ost- Zettai Kareshi

Okaeri sweetheart

kaeru bashou yeah

ai wo arigatou

mata heiki no furi wo shite

kanashimi no iro wo nuritsubushite

waratte shimaun desu

shinjiru koto no taisetsusa

wakatteru no ni iza to iu toki

utagatte shimau yeah

karappo no karada

nagareru toki ni

fuiteshimaisou ni naru kedo

anata no koto dakishimetai

kono kimochi katsugi ugokasu no

okaeri im home

hitogoto de mitasareru kokoro

okaeri sweetheart

kaeru bashou yeah

ai wo arigatou

sweet home

jibun no koto bakkari wo

kangaeru otona wa zuruin da to

omotteitan desu

demo hisshi ni kaeru koto wo

sakenderu hito mo iru’n da

yatto shitta’n desu

atarimae no shiawase nanka

kono sekai ni hitotsu mo nai

anata no tame, sou omoeta

kono kimochi katsugi ugokasu no

okaeri im home

supiido ga kasokushiteku mainichi

okaeri sweet heart

kawaranai zutto aru keshiki

sweet heart

sagashite nakushita

kokoro no kizu ga

tachimukau tsuyosa ni kawareta no wa

“okaeri” ga atta kara

okaeri im home

hitogoto de mitasareru kokoro

okaeri sweetheart

kaeru bashou yeah

ai wo arigatou

okaeri im home

daijoubu anata ga iru kara

okaeri sweetheartmattete ne mou sugu tsuku kara


oh yeah


Credit to:

WHO ARE YOU-OST 눈물나는 사람 너야 - 우지민 You are the person who is crying - Woo Min Jin

(credit to Jazzholic)

(For those of you who've been in Son Young In's shoes)

왜 자꾸 내게 오니Why do you keep coming to me?
내게 묻지 않고Without asking me?
이런 날 오늘처럼 하늘 푸른 날A day like this, a day like today when sky is blue,
더는 내 기억에 오지마don’t come to my memory anymore.
왜 자꾸 서글프니Why do I keep getting sad,
어제와 난 같은데when I’m same as yesterday.
이런 날 눈물처럼 비내리는 날A day like this, a day when rain falls like tears,
여윈 두 볼 가득히My night are filled with restless sleep
눈물도 비가 되어tears turns to rain, too.
너무 숨이 막혀와It’s so hard to breathe and
your heart your eyes your days
그만 내 심장에서 나가Enough, leave my heart
너무 나쁜 사람이야you are a really bad person
그저 그 생각만으로도날 울리는 사람 너야The person who makes me crywhen I just think of that person is you.
왜 자꾸 곁에 있니Why do you keep staying by my side
다 없던 일 아니니These aren’t things that didn’t happen
이런 날 바보같이 서성대는 날A day like this, a day when I wander back and forth like a fool
더는 내게 오지마Don’t come to me anymore
꿈에서도 오지마Don’t come to my dreams, either.
너무 숨이 막혀서It’s too hard to breathe
your heart your eyes your days
제발 내 심장에서 떠나Please leave my heart
내겐 아픔일 뿐이야mine is only has pain.
그저 그 이름만으로도눈물나는 사람 너야The person who can maketears just with their name is you.
You’re my sweeter dayand better day until nowbecause I gonna never leave alone
너무 숨이 막혀와It’s so hard to breathe and
your heart your eyes your days
그만 내 심장에서 나가Enough, leave my heart
너무 나쁜 사람이야you are a really bad person
그저 그 생각만으로도날 울리는 사람 너야The person who makes me crywhen I just think of that person is you.
내겐 아픔일 뿐이야mine only has pain
그저 그 이름만으로도눈물나는 사람 너야The person who makesme cry just with their name is you.

A poem from Jazzholic's site convey how sweet and touching "Who Are You" is:

I'll remember this moment, even down to a tiny breath,
I'll remember you, who will be forever uncomfortable,
everything that's meant for me,
Thanks, be here for me...
from "Who are you?" 누구세요 OST

Bill Clinton in Vancouver!!!(November 1, 2007)

(Warning some rambling included so don't mind me if I make an idiot of myself)

Note: This was quite a while ago but I thought since it was one of my coolest memories,  it'll be a shame not to share it........

November 01, 2007:

Today's the first day of my job as a banquet server for corporate events since I've left S from (A) (Due to privacy concerns I'll just give initials.)

But it's also the first time I ever get to be this close to someone soooo cooool in the politics area, Yaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!! It was stressful at first, especially since I didn't know my co-workers, the place, or what to do........but as time passed, we hardly did anything and the gig came only at 11am when swarms of people dressed formally in business attire came by. I was up on the top floor (guessing it's the balcony area in the Arts Performing theater) and looking down, they all came up to the food.

That's when it got crowded that I had to squish between people eating their precious food away.

Luckily though, they all left to rush for the former president's presentation. Bill Clinton-presentation

(BTW, these are not pictures I've taken. I was working there so there was not much time to take any.)

After my 4hr shift, I got lucky to just sit outside the theater to look if the president was going to come out of there. Too bad though, my intuition about him leaving through the back exit instead was right. No-one from the public got to meet him up close I think (only through the presentation with bodyguards I bet). An awesome presentation btw. Tons of reporters did bother to come by though, and judging from my view they interviewed people instead for their opinions on how the presentation went. Although, I couldn't get a close enough look and hear because of the huge crowd, at least I've gotten a view of Clinton from darkened windows of an elegant black car.

Althought all the spotlight was gone, to this day, even though I could not talk or see him face to face; I'm at least happy that Bill Clinton was my first guest of honour on my first day of work (unfortunately I did not get to ask him what happened between him and Monica Lewinski, LOL) .

Albert Einstein denying there's a God?

Whenever I have time, I always love to look at the msn articles to see whether there are any newsworthy articles. To my surprise, this article caught my eye:

Ironically, the night before I was thinking about Albert Einsten's religious views; thinking that perhaps he has contributed so much for this world that he must have believed in him. Alas, my assumption came wrong.

In the article, I was checking first if anything was biased from the perspective of the journalist who wrote this, but plenty of evidence was found, including a letter he personally wrote in his life.

Now I'm not really an active catholic but my belief in God has been always been present; especially in difficult times. So there's no surprise to see how disappointed I was to see that one of the greatest intellectuals rejected someone I loved dearly, especially when I read this quote:

[Einstein writes "the word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish." ]

Though I was glad that as I read the article, what consoled me was that Einstein was neither an Atheist.

["John Brooke, professor emeritus of science and religion at Oxford University, told the Associated Press that the letter lends weight to the notion that "Einstein was not a conventional theist" - although he was not an atheist, either.
"'Like many great scientists of the past, he is rather quirky about religion, and not always consistent from one period to another,'

Brooke said Einstein believed 'there is some kind of intelligence working its way through nature. But it is certainly not a conventional Christian or Judaic religious view.'
Bloomsbury spokesman Richard Caton said the auction house was '100 per cent certain' of the letter's authenticity." ]

Also from this blog, this at least made me feel a bit better knowing that he wants to understand him the least, [Einstein wrote: "~ I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details.~ ]

Nevertheless, even though Einstein did not truly believed in him, he will always be the greatest accomplished achiever on this earth.

Flowers for my Life

Like everyone else, I've been reluctant to watch this series because I knew that the ending would be bittersweet rather than happy. But the moment I've watched it, I instantly felt in love for its profound story.

It's about death. And that alone would scare off anyone. But for some odd reason, it reminds me a little bit of Ernest Hemingway's "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" except without all the dooomed drama.

But unlike the other dramas, this one doesn't dwelt on cheesy plots screaming off that there's death in life and vice versa. Instead each episode conveys an everlasting lesson that would surely touch your heart.

The story presents the usual protagonists: the hero and heroine and the antagonists that make up the love rectangle complete. Although, you would expect to hate the antagonists, we are surprised that we are able to love them because of their weaknesses that make them human. In other words, there is not only one main character in this story because all of them are presented equally with a story of their own.

Everyone has someone you've loved so dearly that has passed and you've missed. Someone so precious that you do not want to forget but you know you cannot forgive them for the pain that they caused.

This drama tells a meaningful message that its best to forget the pain and forgive them. Because it is much more endearing to think of the cherished moments and it is better to let them go so that they can easily rest in peace in heaven.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rude Women (aka Outrageous Women)

I loved this drama soooo much that I just felt the urge to recommend it.

Personally, I don't really like dramas that are waaaay to melodramatic nor too dark. So I was a bit reluctant to watch this at first about a divorced woman who's been deeply hurt in love. What struck me though was that Wikipedia described as the Korean version of Desperate Housewives so I thought it should be playful at the very least.

Rude Women (a.k.a Outrageous Women) (Warning some spoilers)-

What happens to a female character who had a previous hurt marriage due to her ex-husband abandoning her? Would she:
(a) forgive him and forget what pain he caused her or
(b) chase after him until he repents

Wikipedia describes it as the Korean version of Desperate Housewives. I describe it as being similar but without the ridiculous plots (or crazy antics) where characters die and come back from the dead. (No offense to Desperate Housewives fans; I liked it at the beginning but the latter part of the popular show seemed to meander into crazy territory just where it felt so desperate to catch viewer's attention because they couldn't think of any more plots. Ie. Characters that died and come back from the dead? Hello???)

The synopsis enough caught my attention due to the protagonist's dilemma and its endearing protagonist. For some reason she reminded of the wholesome protagonist - from"My Girl's". On the outside we see her as the most successful dentist and a strong single mother and yet as the episodes present - we are slowly seeing her vulnerabilities due to the scar her ex husband brought upon. The story though is not dark at all but more light-hearted similar to "My Girl's". Comedic moments are plenty and brilliantly brought up right when we are caught up in its touching scenes.

I thought that the actress who plays the protagonist, plays the perfect interpretation of a woman who has been hurt, who can't forget and so takes control of making her ex repent instead of just waiting. But unlike the familiar hurt character who easily might go at deep ends, we see her compassionate heart is what prevents her from going into the dark side.

Oh and for those who hate sad endings but also hate clique happy ones, you will surely enjoy this one.
P.S I wouldn't mind some constructive criticism since it's my first time blogging so feel free to comment! ^_^

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