Saturday, June 28, 2008

My take on Absolute Boyfriend j-dorama (a.k.a Zettai Kareshi)

Warning: Some spoilers! Not suitable for younger children. You have been warned!

(IMHO) I did not like the first episode when I initially watched it. (I mean no offense to those who love it, I like it too but just not as much as the main characters in the manga). It could be because the character who plays Night is ssoooooo stiff compared to the Manga version or it could be Riko who (IMHO) is just too annoying when she makes those weird face expressions to supposedly make us laugh. BUT, I was patient enough, (although slowly) that I became attached to this great series ( I think since episode 5, things became much more interesting). So, I'm glad I've caught up with episode 10 because *WOW* is it great!

What I liked about the dorama , is that its central theme is not only centred on the main characters' love triangle but more importantly, the ethics of being in love with a robot. I also loved it when the dorama developed the other characters like Miaka. Yeah, she's the bad girl in the Manga but I hated it that the Manga just left her off as a one sided character who was pure evil. It's just too stereotypical. So towards episode 10, it was a nice relief to see that Miaka and Riko's relationship has become genuine and much more matured. NOT the relationship where they become enemies for life or is just left unresolved! (It could be just me but I don't remember there being an episode in the manga where Miaka reappeared to reconcile with Riko. So the dorama PD's made a great decision!)

Some people complain that the dorama makes it too different because the characters are not in their high school years (like the manga) but are rather in their mid 20's(?) But I like it because (duh) where are you going to find high shool characters going into so much drama. It's much more realistic that they're in their mid 20's(?) and able to handle this kind of decisions much more maturely.
(You can watch the whole subbed episode in^_^

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