Friday, August 1, 2008

Pride (Hockey + Romance) ^_^

It'll be unusual for a Vancouverite not to be part of the hockey culture. Even though, this has nothing to do with anything about the Canucks, at least I can supply my interest through a
j-dorama about hockey plus romance! Ha...ha...ha And what more can I ask for when it stars with two of the best leading actors!

Enter Takuya who portrays Halu, the over-confident yet suspiciously, fragile hockey player. Yuko whom I loved in "STYLE" plays the innocent and traditional mild-mannered office lady who is still waiting from her boyfriend for the past two years.
At first, both start to be cautious not to fall in love with each other and thus treat their relationship like a game. But what happens when they see that their opposite characteristics can bring out the closeness they have initially avoided? Will Yuko help out Halu believe in true love and will Halu help out Yuko forget her neglected boyfriend?


Anonymous said...

one of my fav kimutaku's
^_^..p.s: nice blog..hwaitin!

k-lover said...

Ha...ha I just started watching kimutaku's doramas. Such a cool guy! And thank you for browsing my blog! You get a welcome hug for being the first commentor, lol. ^_^

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